Mogollon / (mo-go-yon) / Spanish slang word for Plenty or Abundance. Commonly used to signify “a lot,” e.g.,“I like you mogollon.”

Mogollon is a multidisciplinary design studio founded in 2004 by creative directors Monica Brand and Francisco Lopez.  We are known for our holistic approach at conceptualizing and producing work across the fields of design, film, art and commerce and throughout virtually any media.  Our mission is to serve, engage and uplift people in the most creative way.

As a creative collective, we count with a talented network of artists, thinkers, strategists, designers, writers and producers. We can scale our team and customize it to attend the scope of any given project in order to achieve the desired results.  

We draw inspiration from the past but always look ahead. We believe the modern world is for us to define.

Our services include: creative and design consultancy, art direction, branding, graphic design, typography, illustration, motion graphics, set design, web presence, video direction and production, title and credits sequence design and packaging design among others.




85 Quay Street Suite 2B Brooklyn NY
T: 347.987.0157

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Sony UK, Nike, Alicia Keys, Waldorf Astoria, Universal Records, Island Records UK, Interscope Records, Modular Records, Lotte, Katy Perry, Keep A Child Alive, Thienot Champagne, Mom and Pop Records, VisionIntoArts (VIA), Diesel Japan, National Sawdust, Diamond Horseshoe, Urban Decay, Warner Brothers UK, Lexus, Hollywood Reporter, Oscars, Matador Records, Nelly Furtado, SIA, Puma, Wooster Group, Keds, Sundance Channel, VH1, The American Ballet Theater, GassBook JP, Brain Magazine JP, Computer Arts UK, Jeanasis JP



Monica Brand  (Founder/Creative Director)

Francisco Lopez  (Founder/Creative Director)


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